HDMI-HDMI blurry on Viewsonic VX2243wm with Radeon 6790

My Viewsonic VX2243wm is connected to a Radeon 6790 in my PC.

Via VGA or DVI the image is lovely and crisp. Via HDMI-HDMI I get blurry text. I've searched extensively for solutions and tried all the obvious ones. It's clear what it is NOT:

* Not a bad cable (tested elsewhere and swapped cables too -- besides, digital cables failures don't look like this)

* Not a LCD or graphic card fault - the same kit with a DVI or VGA connection is 100% fine

* Not bad drivers - I have the latest for monitor and card

* Not cleartext settings - have optimised those

* Not overscaling settings in Catalyst Control Centre (I have adjusted that so the black border is gone, but the blurry text issue remains

* Not incorrect resolution - the monitor's native is 1920 x 1080, or 1080p @ 60Hz in HDTV terms -- and that's precisely what CCC says it is using, and precisely what the monitor says it is getting.

What it *IS*, is the Viewsonic treating the HDMI signal differently from DVI. People using other LCDs or with HDTVs have reported solutions to this exact problem involving using "1:1" or "no scaling" or "PC" settings on their monitors. Fine - the VX2234wm has "HDMI PC" and "HDMI AV" Input mode settings. But apart from requiring slightly different overscaling in each case (different sized black borders), neither mode looks any better than the other.

Has anyone owning this Viewsonic (or a similar one) solved this particular problem? Because if you have, I'd sure like to know how!

Of COURSE I could use DVI or VGA instead -- but I want to use HDMI to get the sound as well, in one long-run cable, and it should work, dammit!
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    After some hours of playing, I nailed it. I knew there must be a solution, but the pitfalls were subtle enough to catch out more than just me I think. Whereas others will simply get lucky. ;)

    YES, the issue is about the overscaling slider in Catalyst Control Centre, which I'd already tried.

    But if, like me, you've spent some time trying everything to sort this problem before getting to the scaler, you may have ended up with the monitor set to input=HDMI AV, with the CCC underscaling that one to fit nicely. This is not the pathway to being a happy camper.

    Instead, BE VERY SURE that the monitor's input is HDMI PC, then go to the overscaler, set it to zero (far right), and bob's your uncle. Crispy-clean text.

    The problem arose originally because Radeon has HDMI underscaled by default, instead of at zero. And once you see the blurry text on connecting your HDMI cable, unless you immediately find the exact solution (which I have just happened on at http://forums.canadacomputers.com/showthread.php?tid=1285 ), you could very likely end up with the mismatch that drove me bats for so long.

    But happy now. :)
  2. I had the same problem and fixed it in the same way but everytime my monitor or computer turns off or goes to sleep it comes back on in the wrong input.

    Obviously not a huge problem but annoying. Did you find a way to deal with this?
  3. I also have this problem.

    The monitor defaults back to HDMI AV whenever it sleeps or I start a game. Annoying to constantly be having to switch it to HDMI PC manually.

    Anyone know if this can be fixed?
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