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My computer keeps getting the Blue Screen of Death, and it always seems to be the same type every time. It was recommended to me to try MemTest, so I did, and by Test #7, it had found 60 L3 Cache Errors.
I don't know much about computers, but, I think I'm right in saying that RAM doesn't have L3 cache, so it's a CPU error (correct me if im wrong)
If anyone knows anything about what could be causing the BSoD, how to 'cure' it and/or prevent it from happening again, I would be very greatful. It seems that everytime I start or am halfway through a game, email, document or anything, it dies, and, having had the issue since February (when I first built the PC), it's beginning to get on my nerves a bit...
PC Specs below
CPU - AMD FX8120 3.1ghz (Not O.C'd)
PSU - Not too sure on the make, but it was cheapish (£20) and 650 - 700w, I think (powerful enough)
GPU - PowerColor Radeon HD6870
HDD - 2x500gb SataIII
MoBo - ASUS M5A78l-M/USB3
RAM - 16gb (4*4gb) DDR3 1333

Thank you
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  1. 1st junk that PSU, why spend £20-£30 on a POS and hundreds on good quality parts for it to blow up? Then test.

    Go back to basics, disconnect eveything that you don't need, like hdd's etc and use 1 stick of ram and test each component.

    It is rare, but you could have a rogue cpu.
  2. Very rare. The odds of an actual faulty CPU are minute. Its more likely a shoddy low quality PSU with very dirty voltage regulation could cause this.

    But again, it is *possible* that its the CPU, but very, very unlikely.
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