Athlon II x4 631 or Athlon II x3 450??

Hello, i need to choose between these two CPUs, the FM1 Athlon II x4 631 and AM3 Athlon II x3 450. Which one is a better buy??My budget is around 80$.
I also plan on buying a new mobo with the CPU i get. I m not bothered byno upgrade path as i wont be upgrading my PC in quite a long time (3-4 years).
I will also overclock whichever CPU i get, i will use Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler.
The CPU will probably be paired with HD 6770, 4gb 1600 MHz RAM and Cooler Master GX 450W PSU.
I will use this build for gaming at 1440x900 resolution, mainly Skyrim.
I was thinking of getting an Pentium Dual Core G840, but i just don't like the idea of getting a dual core CPU now.
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  1. Go with the X3 and a AM3+ board
    Then you can upgrade CPU later to a piledriver if they have imp[rovements over the current FX.
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