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So I just got a new pc with an asrock Z68, but I can't update my drivers because it is saying I don't have an nivida card on the machine, but I do. How do I know if my GPU is being seen, because all I can find is stuff regarding the onboard video, and standard VGA video.

Also, how do I disable onboard video?
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  1. If you have the monitor plugged into your video card it should automatically "disable" on board video, and use the graphics card. Do this before you even turn on the machine, have the monitor plugged into the graphics card output. Until you install the proper drivers for the card it will not work very well. These can be obtained on the website of whichever brand card you purchased. Make sure all necessary power connectors are attached to the graphics card.
  2. The card is up and powered, the fans are running, ect.

    BUT, the dxdiag doesn't show the card, and the drivers I downloaded from nvidia don't work.

    "Could not find compatible graphics hardware"
  3. Is anyone going to help me?
  4. where do you have the card plugged in? It should be in the first PCIe x16 slot, closest to the CPU.

    is the video properly attached to the ports on the card, not the ports on the motherboard? Are you sure the card is FULLY seated in the slot?

    If all this is true, and you are still getting that, it may be a bad card or bad motherboard slot.

    try an older card if you have one, if it's not read either, then its the motherboard. if that one works, its the card.
  5. If you read my original post you will see that I instructed you to connect the monitor to the graphics card output, and restart the computer. Did you ever do that?

    Assuming nothing is wrong with your new graphics card then that is the ONLY step you should need to take in order to fix your "problem."

    When you start up the computer it picks whichever graphics device(integrated or dedicated) is hooked up to a monitor, and uses that one. Any other graphics hardware detected on startup will typically be disabled by the motherboard. Since you say you are using the PC right now, you must have it hooked up to the integrated graphics or you wouldn't be able to be using the PC...... and this would disable the graphics card.

    If you did follow my instructions in my first post and they did not work, please detail what did happen when you restarted the machine with the graphics card plugged in to the monitor?

    SO to sum everything up you are(I assume) preventing the graphics card from being used by your system because my instructions earlier just weren't compelling enough....
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