More than 4Ghz for AMD x4 955

Hello, so i overclocked the cpu to 4ghz. Multiplier x20 and voltage 1.40. My temps under load are max 45 degrees! Thats pretty chill, but i also have 6 fans in my case and 2 fans on the heatsink..

Will i see more performance if i clock it to, let say; 4.4Ghz or 4.2? Also, i only changed multiplier and voltage. Do i need to change other values like NB, etc.. for more than 4ghz?

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  1. thats plenty dont try any more.
  2. I wouldn't go any higher unless you have a high quality motherboard designed for what you're doing.
  3. Dunno if it will apply to you but i hit a wall at 4GHz, the further past that the more instable it gets, not to mention i couldnt get 4200MHz to boot on 1.6V where 4000MHz runs fine on 1.42
  4. Many Phenom II processors will top out at around 4ghz regardless of cooling.
  5. dwensch said:

    Will i see more performance if i clock it to, let say; 4.4Ghz or 4.2?

    Depends... Going up by 200MHz is only a 5% and 400GHz is a good 10% increase. However, that does not mean everything will run 5% or 10% faster. The increase in performance will likely be 3% and 6%. For intensive CPU tasks like video encoding, then yes you will notice a small increase in performance. If you are talking about games, then the most likely answer is no unless you are playing a game that is really CPU intensive like Civilization 5 or MS Flight Simulator X, but even then the increase will be relatively small.
  6. You'll likely find more enthusiasm in the Overclocking Forum. :)
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