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I just picked up the Intel RTS2011LC cpu cooler and i plan to do a push pull configuration the fan that comes with the unit puts out from 800 to 2200 rpm so inorder to get the best performance does both fans have to match exactly..Was looking in my box of spare parts & i notice i had a spare Antec true quiet pro series 120mm those are those altimate noise reduction fans with a RPM rating from 800 to 1200 now would i be wasting my time using this fan as my pull...One big advantage if it works is this fan is totaly silent...
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    To get the best performance the fans should match and should be matched to the radiator also*. You can use those two fans together especially if you have a manual fan controller which would allow control for best airflow. Even if you do not have fan control, it will still work but probably won't give best performance. If you do use differing fans (look more at FPM rating than RPM), use the less powerful one to push since it's easier to push than pull. I imagine a second intel fan would be optimal.

    * radiators have different fin configurations and your fans should ideally be equal in static pressure and FPM, and then matched to your fins per inch count but that information is hard to find in print and usually ends up as trial and error. Also why I believe two intel fans would be best since the fan selection should have been optimized by intel (I would hope)
  2. So do you think its just better off using the fan that came with the unit on its own...The Antec fan that i was looking to use don't have near the RPM that the intel has so maybe that would slow down the current of air flow...Another thing id like to bring up is i seen on youtube on how some have installed there WC unit using air from inside the case...I'm using the antec 900 case and it has real good air flow iv check and the air exiting the back is always cool so if i use the inside air ill have a steady stream of cool air entering the front and exiting through the rad out the back...I'm afraid if i have the air entering from the back through my rad and air coming from the front i may end up with dead air in my case before the 200mm fan has a chance to exit what ever is in the case...Again i know its all about trial and error but it would be nice to get it right the first try
  3. I have one of those units, I still feel it works quite well - I don't use it anymore but I still hold onto it because I may use it again - got my 2500k overclock to 4.6 on it in exhaust push configuration before I went to full water. Using it as exhaust worked fine for me in a Rosewill Challenger case (slight case modding required)
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