Video Card Mini HDMI or I/O Panel HDMI?

Hi, I currently have a GTX 560 Ti with a Mini-HDMI port. It also came with a Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter.
The I/O Panel on my motherboard also has a standard HDMI port.
I have an Asus ML239H IPS LED Monitor with a HMDI input. Therefore I could connect it to the PC with a HDMI cable from either the I/O Panel or the Video Card.
My question is, should I connect my PC to my monitor using the Mini-HDMI port from the GTX 560 Ti or from the HDMI port from I/O Panel? Does it make a difference?
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  1. The HDMI port on the I/O panel is most likely linked to the integrated graphics on the CPU or motherboard. You should use the adapter and connect the cable to your 560 Ti for the best quality.
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