I have borrow a new graphic card from my friend to try my PSU, before i had nvidia geforce 8400GS my friends GPU is 8800GTS and i have problem because i plugged it into my MB i plugged in 6pin power connector i have installed everything that is needed but my screen is light-blue why is that what happened?

Sorry, for my english please help

Thank you :)
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  1. are you sure the gpu is good? that gpu is old
  2. Im not sure. But it works fine just the color of every thing that was whitte is blue . Simply it changed all the colours.
  3. oh so if im reading you correctly, you are getting into windows and stuff, just everything has a blue hue
  4. yes everything is fine no problem here a example.

  5. Reseat the monitor cable, try a new one.

    BTW, that image is useless, you need to take a picture of your monitor with a camera, not a screenshot from Windows. If you take a screenshot, it will not have any issues unless the viewers monitor has the same issue. It's like sending a picture of a noisy card to a mechanic to listen to, need to record the noise.
  6. im guessing you have a crt monitor? sometimes this happens with old ones, as the above post says, try fiddling with the cable
  7. did I read you "plugged in your friends GPU so you could see if your power supply was good ?

    maybe the PS is bad or maybe there's not enough power to run the 8800 ?
  8. thank you guys for helping me the problem was just i have swapped cable tha t is going from the GPU to another dvi socket and it ok without any problem. The colours are great...
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