Is Nvidia Geforce GT 240 is good for gaming?

Hi guys,
I am planning to get a new graphics card for my pc. I have core i3,DH55TC,4GB RAM,1TB HDD. I think GT240 better for its price. Is that one good? In that i shall choose ddr3 or ddr5? since its price is low i chose. see this link.

thanks guys.
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  1. The GT 240 is quite out of date and rather low end. If you're playing games from 2007 and earlier, then it might work fine. However, for today's games, it's too low end.

    I would suggest at least a GeForce 560 Ti, if you can afford one. Knowing your budget, the kinds of games you want to play, and other such details (especially your PSU), we can help get you the best card for your money.
  2. the gt 240 isnt a very good gaming card,look into a gtx 460 or ati equivalent
  3. Yup its not a great card for gaming to be honest.
  4. horrendous horrendous card hahah jeez look at the fan on that little thing lulz, go for a gtx 460/radeon hd 6850

    Both can be had for just over 100 dollars and very worth their price.
  5. thanks guys...but Geforce gtx 460 is costlier...Can you suggested a graphics card that performs well in <4000INR? playing gaming at mid. settings is enough for m
  6. And gtx460 is min. os 160$ and radeon hd 6850 is 10000INR
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