Laptop mouse touchpad not working

My touchpad is no longer working on my laptop. Not an OS issue since it happens regardless of whether I boot into windows or ubuntu. I can't find anywhere in the BIOS where it might be disabled.

Is there a way to fix this?

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5732Z, with InsydeH20 Bios, version 3.06.
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  1. Have you tried Fn F7?
  2. Have you checked in device manager if it is still there?

    Should be under "Mice and other pointing devices"

    You can also download speccy ( to see it easier.

    If not, the internal cable might be broken, or the drivers have been uninstalled. Either way, it will be hard to troubleshoot.
  3. Looks horribly like it's defective, especially when it won't work with two different OSs. They are available on Ebay and not too difficult to replace, Acer generally have good Service manuals. If you decide to go down that route don't order a replacement until you've checked that the ribbon cable is firmly in place, they can come loose. Meanwhile fingers crossed it's the driver...
  4. [easy way]
    go to ur laptop website download all the drivers that are specified by ur model + operating system.

    install all the driver , restart it , u are done.

    [ :pt1cable: ]
    i am too lazy to write :)
  5. Well it doesn't appear to be an OS or driver issue since it didnt work with the ubuntu live USB thumbdrive which always picks up the touchpad in every other laptop I've booted it with.

    That's why I hoped it may be simply turned off in the BIOS, but alas there is no BIOS option for the touchpad (in fact this BIOS didnt offer anything in the way of disabling ANY of the integrated components)

    BTW, the device manager only detected "alps pointing device" (working fine) which apparently isn't the touchpad?
  6. Time for the Philips screwdriver and the antistatic wristband...
  7. And if you or a family member/friend want to try, here is the Service Guide
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