Use router to connect wired xbox to wireless network?

I'm sure it's on here but because I dont understand the name of what I'm looking for, I'm having trouble searching. My main network is setup for wireless via a netgear wndr3700. I'd like to use my old linksys wrt54g v5 to connect to that network wirelessly and allow me to connect my xbox via wired ethernet. Basically instead of buying a wireless adapter for the xbox, i'd like to know if/ how i can use my linksys router instead.
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    You need to load dd-wrt firmware on the WRT54G to connect it to a wireless bridge.
  2. Can I use tomato? I've heard thats easier to learn.
    Is the idea that I need to set up my linksys router as a wireless bridge? I thought a bridge connected 2 networks.
  3. I guess you could. I've only used dd-wrt and not tomato.
  4. thanks grumpy! i'll try loading one of those and see if i can figure it out. any tips or suggestions about how to set it up once i get them loaded- should i be trying to setup a bridge?
  5. Yes, you need a wireless bridge.
  6. Thanks for the help.
    I used dd-wrt and set up the linksys router as a client bridge. I'm able to get on the internet but don't see any of the other computers in my network. I'm pretty impressed that it's working this well- the router is acting like a wireless adapter. It's just doing it like it's on it's own network.
    Any ideas?
  7. I have the same setup and can see all my computers.
  8. Hmmmm. I used the settings on this page:
    Do your settings match?
    I have the same workgroup name on all computers. Wonder if there's something else I need to change.
  9. That's pretty much my same setup. My main router's IP address is and my wireless bridge's address is My DHCP range is - 150. What version of Windows are your compuer(s) running?
  10. That makes me think it's more likely on the pc side tho i'm not sure how. I tested to see if I could view the network on a Win7 and a WinXP machine. Those are my two main PCs and I run freenas for media storage. Both connected to the internet thru the linksys router but neither machine could see anything else on the network.
  11. Are you sharing anything? Do you have firewall(s)?
  12. Thanks for all your help Grumpy. Finally got it working!
    It was a setting on the gateway router. I'm accessing it thru guest access so i can match settings (linksys only has b/g) and needed to change a setting to allow lan access for guests.
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