Core i5-2400 with 2gb memory vs core i5-2400s with 4gb memory

Which will run faster and have a better overall performance, "Core i5-2400 with 2gb DDR3 memory VS. Core i5-2400s with 4gb DDR3 Memory" anyonekindly help me with this,

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  1. The i5-2400 will perform better. If you are selecting between 2 PC with those components, get the faster CPU (i.e. i5-2400). It is much easier to add RAM later on rather than having to upgrade to a new processor if you find the i5-2400S lacking.
  2. monetary wise, get the 2400, because upgrading ram in the end is much more cheaper than upgrading a cpu.
  3. I would go with the i5-2400 and upgrade the RAM later. Win 7 really needs 4GB of RAM, but 2GB will suffice. The i5-2400 is clocked a little slower to save energy so it will have lower performance by default and it cannot be improved upon as mentioned w/o having to upgrade the CPU.
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