PSU advice?

Hello im trying to build build a budget gaming pc and decided on each part. But i dont know how much watt system is gonna require in %100 load. Trying to keep that to minimum because im over budget a bit and trying to cut some expense. This is the spec

i3 2120
asus p8h61-m le/usb3
zotac gtx 560 1 gb
gskill 8gb(2x4) ddr 1600 mhz
ocz agility 3 60 gb

i chose corsair's cx430w v2 power supply. I should say that i dont intend to add 2nd gpu or change any of the components. I tried looking at power usage of other parts but that varies greatly on web. I've seen gtx 560 tests uses 150 to 350w on full load and that confuses me. can someone recommend me what should i expect from full load on this machine?
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  1. I would expect your system to pull no more than 400w really. Based on that i'd recommend the XFX 450w Core edition pro.
  2. Is 60G all you intend to use? I would rethink if this is the only storage you'll have.
  3. Usually reviews show the power consumption of the whole system, in which case 350W is fairly realistic and believable.
    The official TDP of the GTX 560 is 150W, so that is what the card should draw by itself on full load.

    The XFX Pro 450W Core Edition (V1) is a much better choice than the CX430 V2. For a number of reasons, but probably most importantly because it has two PCIe connectors, which you will need for a GTX 560, which the CX430 V2 doesn't have.
    It also has higher 12V capacity (408W vs 336W), higher temperature rating (50C vs 30C) and better choice of capacitors.
  4. thanks for all the replies guys, very helpful

    hmm, 2 mention of xfx pro. I checked but noone sells that stuff here. I chose corsair because thats the cheapest one i could find which was of a reliable manufacturer. I'm already above the budget, so i can't really buy anything expensive. Would you say it is a decent psu, or would you rather want me to look for another one silvune?

    Thanks again for help
  5. I would recommend going with a different PSU. Where are you buying from? Maybe we can help suggest something.
  6. im in turkey, and i dont really wanna risk shipping from outside since customs have a bad reputation of things getting lost. So im pretty much stuck with things here.

    Here's list of manufacturers i find here:
    Xilence(xp series only here) , Highpower, Corsair (builder, gaming,professional, enthusiast series here), thermaltake, seasonic, aerocool (strike x versions only here), gigabyte, raidmax, xigmatek.

    If you could rather give me priority based on this it'd be golden. Since im also limited by budget. Thanks in advance
  7. Get a seasonic PSU, they are a quality manufacturer with good components.
  8. Of those brands, only Seasonic and Corsair are among the "almost always great" brands.
    The CX series are not as good as Corsairs other things though, So looking at the other brands might be a good option. You can take a look at how they rank on to give you a general idea what might be worth your money.
    Either way, something like the CX is a TON better than buying one of the cheap "change brand every 6 months" power supplies.
  9. In order of brand preference:
    Corsair, all TX series, all GS series, CX500 V2 and up.
    Thermaltake Toughpower XT series, TR2-*00P series (based on the Hardwaresecrets review of the 700W version), Smart SP-*30P series - 530W and up (based on the HWS review of the 630W version).
    Gigabyte ODIN Pro and ODIN GT series are acceptable,
    Xigmatek, depending on the price.
    Highpower, depending on the model. Some Highpower models are used for the basis of OCZ units, so those are acceptable.

    Disregard Raidmax and Aerocool completely.

    Don't know much about Xilence yet.
  10. Ok here's ones i've found plausible

    Seasonic SS-500GB 69$
    Seasonic s12ii-520w 98$
    Corsair Vx 450w 85$
    corsair gs 500w 106$

    i intend to buy the first one, unless u guys say difference is significant. Since any upgrade on this part will result in downgrade on other things like ram/cpu at this point (4gb ram&i3 2100 for ex). For one 6pin pcie part, i can get msi n560gtx-m2d1gd5 instead of zotac gtx 560, which uses only 1 6pin. I assume single pin doesnt mean performance decrease just uses lower power?
  11. Yes I think the Seasonic SS-500GB is best choice out of those, especially considering the lower price.

    It has two PCIe connectors - one is 6pin the other is 6+2pin (the extra 2pins are detachable to allow you to just plug in the 6pin section), so there is no need to find a GPU which doesn't need two of them.

    Besides it looks to me like the MSI N560GTX-M2D1GD5 requires two 6pin PCIe connectors. Third and fourth pictures on that page you can see the two PCIe plugs.
  12. ok thanks im buying seasonic ss-500gb then. Thanks for all the help guys, this forum rocks:))
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