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I5 2500k new heatsink temps

Hey guys.

Just seated a new Cooler Master Hyper 212+, and this is the first HDT cooler I have ever done (have done flat surfaced coolers before). I applied the thermal compound by putting thin lines on each copper pipe (4 total) and compressing the cooler down on the CPU.

Just wondering if these are decent temps for this cooler for anyone who has one. My ambient room temp is about 22.2C

Usually I get around 31-33C idle, 50-53C full load using Prime95 and/or LinX.

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  1. Temps look great. Not overclocked I assume?
  2. Sorry forgot to mention, stock speeds. Plan on overclocking this weekend. Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Temps are just fine for a stock speed 2500K.
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  5. Thanks!
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