Help: GTX 570 performing a lot worse than usual

So probably a week ago, I started noticing worse frame rates in games. I immediately assumed it was a CPU bottleneck, since often times when my fps randomly drops it's because a program in the background is randomly eating my CPU up. That was not the case this time. I gauged my gpu usage, temperatures, and fps with MSI Afterburner and temps were super cool (rarely breaking 70 at full load), but my gpu usage was at 99% and my fps were significantly worse.

In Crysis I was averaging 40-45, now I am getting 30-35. In Witcher 2, I was averaging low 50's, now I am averaging 30's. In Oblivion, I would never drop below 45 in the most densely forested areas, now I am struggling with about 32 fps when I stare at the foliage. What the hell is going on? I've googled frantically trying to figure out what the problem could be and I have found nothing. I have tried various drivers, including new and older versions. It's virtually impossible for this to be a driver issue because the fps drop happened randomly one day, with NO changes in software or even video settings. I typically run ALL games with 4xMSAA, 4x transparency SSAA, 16xAF, and ambient occlusion enabled in the control panel. I have always used these settings even when my fps were great, and now with these exact same settings the fps are worse. This was not a gradual thing, it simply happened one day when I started playing games. Could my card somehow be going bad? I do have it overclocked ultra-stable with 1.075 voltage at 845Mhz, but this should be totally safe, especially considering that as I said before, my gpu never goes above 73 degrees, even if I play Crysis for hours. Can anybody shed some light on this situation? It would be extremely (and I mean extremely) appreciated. I can't possibly understand what could cause this besides perhaps physical damage? Help
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  1. Hello & Welcome.
    To help understand the issue, list all your system specs and your gaming resolutions, also indicate which settings do you use in playing (eye candy).
  2. I have already listed the settings I use, although I forgot to mention that I always play at 1080p:

    - 4xMSAA
    - 4x Transparency SSAA
    - 16xAF
    - Ambient occlusion on
    - All other case-specific settings on max in games
    I have always used these settings for every game.

    My system:

    AMD 1090t at 4.0 Ghz
    Asus M4A89GTD
    EVGA GTX 570 SC - at 845Mhz with 1.075 voltage (super stable)
    8GB Ram
  3. Did you play Crysis or Crysis 2 ? DX11 or DX9 ?
    Do you have the latest drivers installed ? if not, express uninstall all nVidia drivers and install the latest ones.
    73C is not dangerous, but good enough to make some performance degradation. if the GPU has a Physical damage it won't run any game and you'll experience BSODs immediately.
    Is it happening only on those games ? have you tried any DX11 games @ max settings such as Metro 2033 or BF3 ?
  4. I actually don't own any DX11 games. And yes, as explained in the original message I have tried the latest drivers, as well as older ones that have worked excellently. Also 73 degrees is not high for this card, it's actually an ideal load temperature Even 80's is acceptable, only 90+ is dangerous.
  5. if it wasnt gradual , then its probably related to the OS. try to scan for spyware or try defraging. could also be your internet or even the servers your connecting to.
  6. I'm in single player mode for all those games so it can't be an internet issue. I will try defrag as well as check for spyware but seeing as how gpu usage is at 99% while experiencing the lowered frame rates it really seems like something directly related the to the gpu
  7. Ok, this is going to seem really really stupid but I realize now that the problem is the 16xAF. When I got Skyrim I set the AF settings to "application controlled" because I read that you could get better performance by using the game's settings instead of the control panel. I must have forgotten to switch it back to forced 16x so when playing other games I was actually getting vastly improved performance because there either was no AF or only the game's default amount. At some point I must have switched it back to forced 16x and this must be when the frame rates started getting worse. After resetting it to "application controlled" I am getting the same good frame rates as before.
  8. Ah those settings in the control panel are sketchy at times , it is best to let the game/application control it. Good to hear you worked it out.
  9. AbsoluteZ3R0 said:
    Also 73 degrees is not high for this card, it's actually an ideal load temperature Even 80's is acceptable, only 90+ is dangerous.

    I didn't say dangerous, when temp gets high it might throttle the performance a little bit, my GPU doesn't exceed 63C when Full load and IDLE @ 31C.
  10. AbsoluteZ3R0 said:
    I actually don't own any DX11 games.

    You should exceed 60 FPS in most DX9 titles such as Mafia II, COD MWF 2/3, AC3, Far Cry 2.....
    Also you should achieve such results with some of DX11 games such as DXHR, F1 2010, Dirt 3,.....
    So you better off test more games.
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