Update build problems - please help!!

Approximate Purchase Date: Yesterday
Budget Range: $350-$400

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Suffing the Net, Excel, watching DVD.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Micro Center Houston, TX

Country: USA, TX

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Build Parts:
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (using Stock cooling that came with CPU)(NEW)
Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V LX ATX(NEW)
RAM: 2x4gb kit(8gb) DDR3 1333 (Dual Chanel) (PC-10666)(NEW)
PSU: Inland Gold Series 600w(NEW)
case: using an older ATX case.

First, I want to make it known that this is my first attempt to build a computer. I have read, and watch YouTube on my CPU and Mobo to build. On Newegg, they have 3 video's on new build. The one thing I like was to put everything together outside before putting it the case and test to see if it POST. This is where I have the problem.

I put in the CPU (making usre arrows are matching, notches are matching and carefully putting in the CPU). Put the CPU fan on (OEM, which have the Thermal Paste on it already). Plug in the CPU fan to the CPU Fan connector on Mobo.

Next is Memory, pretty straight forward. Snice I only have 2 sticks, I follow directions on manual and put them in matching (blue) color slots on DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2.

Plug the VGA from monitor to side of the board (board has DVI and VGA), and power is on monitor as unplug it from current running PC.

Follow by 24pin power to the mobo, and 8-pin CPU power. Plug into wall outlet to PSU back and turn the back of the PSU on (from "0" to "-"). I see the stand by Green led on the mobo go on. I use a paperclip to short (power connecter 2-pin, power and ground) power pins on mobo to start it.... and than NOTHING.. no fan spin on CPU, no POST with the Asus splash logo.

I can hear the PSU click when I short to start the mobo, the PSU fan does not spin, and neither does the CPU fan.
I do not hear beeps as there is no little speakers in the box from Asus to plug into the board. Nothing happens.

How long should I wait for the first POST, does it take a long time for the system to self test and post?? and how long does it take for the CPU fan to start spinning??

What I have tried:

-unplug everything and replug everything.. same outcome... NOTHING
-Clear CMOS.. try again.. still NOTHING.
-Remove battery, Clear CMOS... try again... same outcome NOTHING
-I try with a working working PSU I have and same outcome... NOTHING

I can really use some help if someone has build with the same CPU and build. :fou: :cry: :fou: :fou:
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  1. Maybe you should try to build it in the case and use the power button instead of shorting. Just an idea.
  2. blackbke said:
    Maybe you should try to build it in the case and use the power button instead of shorting. Just an idea.

    Thanks, That is what I will try next.. any more ideas, please throw them my way..
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