Configured BIOS and now comp keeps restarting before beep

My newly built computer's first boot worked fine, and I went into the BIOS to change things. The only thing I changed was the date, admin password, DRAM Frequency (from "Auto" to "1333Mhz", which is the frequency my RAM came with), and boot sequence (replaced 1st boot - USB Harddrive with 3rd boot - CD, my optical drive). Then I went to "Save and reboot" and now my computer keeps turning itself off and turning back on before the internal speaker's beeping. Nothing shows up on the screen. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
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  1. Hello opqpop;

    No idea what the problem might be.
    But I think you want to try a BIOS reset to default.
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello opqpop;

    No idea what the problem might be.
    But I think you want to try a BIOS reset to default.

    is there a way to do that, because it's currently restarting before I get to the BIOS?
  3. Depending on your motherboard - it's either a jumper or a button.
  4. thanks, i managed to reset it and now it works fine, but the DRAM setting is back to auto again (I didn't change that setting this time). The BIOS says my DRAM frequency is 1033, but the one I bought,, is 1333. Does this mean it's not reading my RAM frequency correctly? Should I try changing it again to 1333? I'm worried the same problem will occur.

    Also, my RAM voltage is set at "auto". The manufacture default is 1.5V, but I don't have that option. I only have 1.3V, auto, 1.6V, and 1.7V. Should I try setting this setting to 1.3V?

    Is not having the right frequency considered a big deal?
  5. What is the make and model of your mother board?
  6. Your tweaking options are more limited than they would be in a higher end board that is setup for overclocking.
    In Auto the motherboard picks out a conservative setting to get maximum stability and it's not unusual to see it set the RAM to a lower speed (like 1333 RAM running at 1066).
    If the RAM were running at 1066 with CAS 8 timings vs 1333 CAS9 (default) timings the overall performance would be very small.
  7. It seems strange that you do not have an option for 1.5v as looking at MSI's page for that board the standard is 1.5v of 1066 or 1333 for RAM.

    Do you have an advanced section in your BIOS where you can set the voltages manually as opposed to the stock options it gives you?

    If so you could try setting them in there.
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