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I recently purchased a second HD5770 off ebay for my PC. They had it listed on the description page as for a PC but when I recieved it it turned out to be the Apple version of the card. Other than the mounting plate it looks identical to the standard HD5770 but you have to remove the cover to get the bracket off so I don't want to mess with it if it won't work with a PC.

My questions are

A: Can you use the Apple HD5770 in a PC build

B: If so will it work in Crossfire with my current XFX 5770

I've done a google search but all I can find is about using the PC versions in an Apple (and I've found yes and no as an answer depending on where you look) nothing the other way around. Please help.
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    The BIOS on the card is different for Apple and PC. Contact the sell and let him know you want a refund. You should also contact ebay as well if he's giving problems.

    If he did advertise it as PC compatible then he better prove it. Otherwise it can be construed as false advertisement that ebay must have a policy againt such a thing. I would also demand he refund your shipping costs as well.
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