Overclocking fx-8120

Hey, so I have a:
corsair gs600
2x4gb 1600mhz ram

So, atm its at 3.8ghz @ 1.3V on stock cooler and prime95 after 5min is 50C and stays that way.
I was wondering, how far can i push my cpu with a:
1. hyper 212 evo
2. corsair h60

Any suggestions ? :)
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  1. Can't tell you how far you can go, but I CAN tell you that it'll be about the same with either one.
  2. can i get 4.5ghz at 60C with hyper 212 ?
  3. cheti said:
    can i get 4.5ghz at 60C with hyper 212 ?

    I honestly don't know. Anything I told you about that would purely be a guess. Just don't know much about AMD (and particularly Bulldozer) OC'ing.
  4. cheti said:
    can i get 4.5ghz at 60C with hyper 212 ?

    Maybe, if your ambient is below 20c or if your chip takes minimal voltage to reach 4.5ghz

    AFAIK, To run a fx8120 @ 4.5ghz, you'll need a top tier cooler like the NH D14 or the H80.
  5. 4.2 is reachable with 212 evo i believe if i can get 3.8ghz with a stock cooler at 50C
  6. 3.8ghz @ 50c with stock cooler is great. your ambient must be quite low.
    Yes, 4.2ghz might be a fair OC. what happens is, for 4.5ghz your voltage will most probably exceed 1.4v, hence the 212 evo might have a hard time.
  7. 4.64 is the highest semi-stable OC i could get with my hyper 212 evo.
  8. 4.0 and super stable with evo even under heavy load.
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