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I have dual rail 500w power supply wid pci-e connector in my computer. one rail is 14amps the other is 13amps. I also have pci-e socket 1.0. If i were to install the radeon x1950 xtx on my computer would i have enough power to run the graphics card? I heard that the card only needs a maximum of 9amp is this true? if so that means it wil work right? am not looking to buy new psu. Just the best graphics card for my psu unit.
and also whats the best agp card for my psu unit?
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  1. the best GPU for your PSU would be either, in my opinion, the 7770 can be had for ~130 and is ok for modern games, would be light years faster than a x1950. the X1950 is ANCIENT and would easily be outperformed by a Radeon 7750 which would run fine on the specs you listed, and costs around $100 US.


    Edited because I missed the AGP part... Its been a while... sorry...
  2. Hello mk-2001;

    9A for Radeon X1950 XTX sounds about right.
    You'll have no problem with that 500W PSU powering the whole system.
  3. You already own the X1950XTX? If not you might be able to use what ever that card would cost to buy a more powerful graphics card of a more recent vintage.

    Here is a power consumption test for a X1950XTX under full load:

  4. I seem to recall AGP models of HD 4850 being offered. If you can find one - that might be the best AGP card out there.

    The best AGP card I could actually find a listing for is a Radeon HD 4650.
    And - depending on the CPU you'll be using - that might well be 'good enough'.

    Review: Gigabyte's Radeon HD 4650: Are AGP Graphics Still Good Enough?
  5. wow thank you so much.

    @drycreamer were you refering to the "HD" 7770 and 7750?

    i dont think i can get those because

    a) I am on windows Xp and on directx version 9.0c dont think i can get later than that. wish there is a way :/ i got the latest harware but not software :/

    b)dont u need a HD monitor for them type of graphics cards? i have a small monitor, not gna use my gaming for high resolutions
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