Cooling Pad for 15.6" dell inspiron 15R

i have a 15.6" Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. Dimensions are 377.9 x 37.6 x 244.9 mm. i use the laptop most of the time on my lap. please suggest a proper cooling fan. done some research but couldn't find anything. In this case the laptop heating areas matter. i can invest RS.1000 max.

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    Cooler Master NotePal L1 Cooling Pad Rs. 866
    Looks to be the best option in your price range.

    Remember - a laptop cooling pad is no 'magic bullet' for a hot day. It will only help keep the laptop a bit cooler, a bit longer before it gets too hot.
    So keep checking the laptop temps on a hot day.
  2. is this cooling pad ideal for carrying in a laptop bag and for use on lap.
    IS Belkin F5L091qe Cooling Pad OR Belkin F5L055 Cooling Pad (Black) a proper choice for my 15.6" laptop.
  3. Ideal for cooling laptop.
    Not ideal for carrying in laptop bag. But it should fit if you have an extra 15mm of space in the bag.
  4. thank you.
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