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Hello Everyone,

I deal with the Computer Science & Information Technologies Department at my school. Students are looking to work on mods for Skyrim. Unfortunately, we have a very small budget. Can only afford at most a $500 pc. I now its sad but newegg has a combo deal right now for $355 that looks like it meets the requirements of skyrim, but I have no idea about mods and such.

Check it out and let me know, thanks again.
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  1. Get an i3 or G630, and pair it with a decent video card.
    $500 should be more than enough for a decent Skyrim Machine.
    A friend says he has it 1080P and Max settings with a 6850.

    That bundle doesn't seem like it would handle it very good though.
    The power supply probably isn't the best either.
  2. Ok, here is a possible build:
    Intel I3-2100 dual core 3.1Ghz 125$
    ASrock micro atx motherboard 54$
    Dual channel ddr3 1333 4gb 20$
    radeon hd 6790 (comes with dirt 3 :D) 125$
    Rosewill 530w 80+ certified power supply 50$
    Seagate 160gb 7200rpm drive 75$
    Rosewill Redbone (sexy case :p) 40$
    Cheap Cheap DVD reader 12$

    Ok, so I went a little over (its 501$), but this is a very solid build for this price range.

    This is assuming you already have windows, a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
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