I want LOUD 5.1 speakers!!

Can anyone recommend some good quality and very LOUD 5.1 surround speakers? I want some better speakers for my computer so everyone in my dorm knows when I'm playing half-life. I'm willing to spend around $500 for them...

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  1. Wow. How about <A HREF="http://www.alteclansing.com/webapp/commerce/command/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=17794&prmenbr=9490&from=" target="_new">Altech Lansing ADA890 Dolby Digital THX-Certified Speaker System</A>? It cost like $349.95. And any speakers from Altec Lansing is loud enough for anyone, as long as you stay within 3m radius within the speaker. I have a cheapo ACS43 and it's loud enough to burst my ears.

    This site is cool.
  2. Friend of mine had one, and I thought it was way out of balance. The subwoofer is awesome, but the satellites just plain suck. Thanks for the suggestion though.:(

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  3. You might try the Monsoon MM-2000 system. It's probably not the loudest (I don't really know), but it's clean at high power. The speakers don't have stands, so you'll probably have to pick some up.
  4. The Altec Lansing ATP5 Five-Piece and ADA890 Dolby Digital THX Certified speaker system were just reviewed by CGW this month and they got great scores. Also, listened to that set up at a CompUSA and it sounded fantastic. I wonder if your friend had the sound controls all screwed around?

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  5. Even heard Abit's system rocks. Wish I still had teh site for audio reviews. If I find it I'll post it (some year I hope)!!!

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  6. Go for the new Klipsh 5.1. Something like 500 watts.

    If that don't rock your boat, nothing will :)

  7. 500 watts?

    Try being Front of House with 60,000 total watts to play with. Screw 5.1, 10 cabinets with 30 18" subwoofers total, as well as 14 $10,000 Clair Bros house speakers.

    Add a 40-channel Soundcraft Europa, an awesome band and media crew, stir and serve chilled :)

    Sorry, had to brag.

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  8. If you want everyone to hear you, you might try something like my setup. I have an old stereo amp (like, real old), hooked up to two old stereo towers (10 inch woofer, two 5 1/4 inch midranges, and a 2 1/2 inch tweeter each), and a set of sennheiser headphones. When I play counterstrike, I have the output split between the headphones and the amp, and I turn the headphones up as loud as I want. I then turn the bass all the way up on the amp, the treble all the way down, add the high filter, and crank the volume. I get all the surround sound through the headphones, but when a grenade goes off, or there's a ton of gunfire, the stereo amp really kicks out the bass and shakes the entire room, and a few of the rooms around me. Because the towers are outputting almost all bass (which is omnidirectional), they don't screw up the surround sound from the headphones, so I can still hear exactly where someone is by their footsteps.

    Summary: If you want loud, don't mess with computer speakers, and get yourself an amp and some real speakers.

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  9. im about to pay over a grand for the newest sony 5.1 system... price is ludicrously high but then again so is the quality and volume... unbelievable... 5 150 watt speakers... with some of the clearest tweeters ive ever heard and a very nice sub... not what id call value for money but anyway...

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