My new HD6850 graphic card makes my sound not to work

I just bought a 6850 card and when I installed it my sound card crashed. It says its found in the deveice manager, but on the icon beside the clock I have a red cross over the speaker icon and it says "no speakers or headphones are plugged in". When I run dxdiag it says it does not found any installed sound card.

I tried my old grahpic card and then the sound works


I have a HP XW8600 the sound card is realtek and I have all the latest driver.
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  1. Problem solved - Grahpiccards sound took over the internal one, I activated the onboard sound in bios instead of having it on automatic
  2. Good Just when you thought you have a nasty GPU and wow you fix it nothing better than that except using it. Good luck
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