What do you need to upgrade in a PC?

I have no idea where to make this thread but I wanted to know, other than your graphics card and processor, what is needed to upgrade?
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  1. That all depends on what your needs are. Some people instead of upgrading their CPUs will switch out the RAM or add an aftermarket cooler for overclocking. Other people will add, say a liquid cooling unit and stronger PSU and try to push their CPU to its' limit.

    Anything that can be upgraded - whether it's the GPU or the optical drive, will be upgraded at some point.
  2. Can you list your full computer specs? also only upgrade if there is something you need it for. Are you gaming, rendering, or just trying to increase speed?
  3. Mainly just gaming.
  4. Add another hamster wheel with a spare water bottle.

  5. PLEASE LIST your COMPUTER hardware!

  6. atleast list the following:

    CPU & cpu cooler
  7. hope this is not another troll
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