6950 2GB should I go Crossfire?

I've got a Sapphire 6950 2GB shaders unlocked. Installed it yesterday and I'm using it on a 2560x1440

My specs are
I3 @ 4.4ghz
8GB ram
1TB Hd
6950 2GB shaders unlocked

Im getting not that great performance maxed out in SWTOR, only 20-80 fps, really drops in busy areas.

Should I get another 6950 2GB and go Crossfire? What benefits does it offer going Xfire?
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  1. I'd try lowering graphical settings while in the game and see how the graphics changes. There is a good chance that the low FPS is not graphics related slow downs. If you lower the settings with little change in performance, it may be a result of too much for the CPU, and nothing you can do will change it.
  2. Xfire scales well & may give you 190% performance of a single 6950. However, there are still issues with microstuttering. It is a worthwhile upgrade, but waiting for the new 7000 AMDs and selling the old 6950 may be a better plan.
  3. Please check the article on hardwareheavan.com. you will see that the FPS for 6970 is on avg 60+ for SWTOR.

    your lag might be due to server issues. Swtor is really overloaded.

    My bro has a 6970 and I played the beta...it was butter crisp at max settings 1080P.
  4. Yup, you should definitely be getting better stats for a 6950. I'm sporting a 6870 and even in high traffic areas with lots of effects I never drop below 35 FPS with all max settings. Granted, I'm at 1080.

    Lots of people have been having FPS issues. I'd definitely wait to spring for another card when it might not make a difference.
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