Need case advice for new build (air cooling)


I am building a new PC and am having trouble settling on a new case, below are my pc specs

PSU: 1250 watt cooler master real power pro
MOBO: Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H
CPU: Intel I5-3570k - (Hyper 212 EVO with push/pull)
MEMORY: 8GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400mhz - (will add an additional 8GB at some point if i feel its necessary)
VIDEO: Gigabyte GTX 670 OC Edition (windforce 3x fans) - (will be adding a second one at a later date)
HDD: 128gb Crucial M4 SSD, 1x 1TB Western Digital Black, 1x 500GB Seagate Barracuda
OS: Windows 7

I am going to be air cooling and I just cant for the life of me decide on a case. I have been reading various forums/reviews and there are so many conflicting opinions its crazy.

basically the cases i have looked at are

CM Haf X
CM Storm Trooper
CM Haf XM (newer/better version of the X??)

Silverstone Raven RV02
Silverstone Fortress F02

NZXT Switch 810
NZXT Phantom

I believe there were a couple of other cases i looked at but i dont really remember off hand which they were, possibly a Lian-Li make or Thermaltake.

Anyways I am basically looking for a case that will fit all of this + has good cable management and the best air cooling :)

Im open to any and all opinions about what i should get
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  1. HAF X is good I own one. It's an aquired taste though so beware its large and very in your face design, I like this some people don't. Cable management is good and the cooling is good.

    Also you don't need that PSU for that setup even planning SLi in future a 1000W would be plenty and try to get a better brand than cooler master (make good cases not so good PSU's)
  2. oh i already have that psu, ive had it for like 5 years now or something, wasnt thinking that id need to replace it
  3. CM Haf X and NZXT Switch 810 are pretty nice cases
  4. storm scout is nice i have that one, was only able to add one side fan, cpu cooler too large =(
    built in led and fan controller, so you can shut off all led's on the cas but the fans will keep running.
  5. Well out of your choices the clear winner is the FT02 in my opinion.
  6. thanks for the responses, from plenty of debates it seems to always come down to the HAF x or the FT02 :/

    Im still leaning more towards but HAF X but thats mainly because Im more biased towards coolermaster cases (having never owned a silverstone case before)

    I have a couple of questions with regards to the HAF x fans, I assume the 2x200mm stock fans are both megaflows? i was planning to add a 2nd megaflow fan to the top, and replace the side fan with another megaflow. ive read on numerous occasions that the rear exhaust 140mm stock fan isnt very good, im not sure what fan i would replace that with.

    also the VGA duct/holder fans for 120/80mm size, i have no idea what to put in there, or if those fans are really necessary even to put in in the first place
  7. You should really give the FT02 a chance. You will love it.
  8. are the 3 bottom fans and 1 top fan really enough cooling?

    are the stock fans good enough or should they be replaced?
  9. Mctoad said:
    are the 3 bottom fans and 1 top fan really enough cooling?

    are the stock fans good enough or should they be replaced?

    More than enough, they are the air penetrator series of fans, mine never come of there lowest setting, my OCd 1100t @ 4ghz never rises above 49c under load, my GTX580 never rises above 60c under heavy gaming.

  10. ive been reading more about the FT02 case and various graphics cards having heating issues, it seems if you have a graphics card such as the windforce gigabyte that you will get higher temps than a card that has the exhaust blowing out the back?
  11. Certainly no such issues with my asus direct cu2 card
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