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Hello, I have a couple quick questions. I have one PC on my network (two PCs, and the server all connected to router) that is (or i want it to be) the server. It has Windows 2000 Advanced Server installed on the PC, with all of the options installed. I have tried a couple step-by-step guides for creating the comain controller on the PC, but it is a little hard to figure out. for example to create a domain named "TEST" how would i go about doing this. I want all three PC's to be able to access the internet (they all have ethernet cables plugged into them from the router), but I want to be able to i guess you could say "Control" what the two other PC's can do and access. I also want to run a corporate antivirus on the three PC's, which only allows me to run updates ect.. from the one PC and distribute them to the others through a domain, not a workgroup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yeah, the other two PC's are XP Pro SP2 all updates run.
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  1. To set up a domain, you want to configure DNS if you're going to use it, or leave it blank in your case since you have only a few computers.

    Once you've figured out what you want your FQDN (fully qualified domain name) to be, along with your IP address scope (DHCP range) or if you want your router to hand that information out.

    Ideally, disable DHCP on your router, enable it on your server because you can specify your Server to run DNS and use itself to resolve, if not, forward to the router and use your ISP's DNS.

    Btw, what you're trying to do starts to get complicated with Domains.

    So. your computer name is "server" and the domain is going to be "" so your fully qualified domain name is .

    go to Start - Run - Type DCPROMO to start the promotion to a domain controller. Follow the steps. You don't necessarily need to use DNS (you'd want to configure DNS before you promote to a DC anyhow). Just set your DHCP settings, use the server's STATIC IP as the first DNS, then forward to your router.

    You should be able to take the defaults and get what you want.

    After that, you'll want to restart your server. Bring it back up, log in. Create Accounts (username/passwords, profiles? etc) in Active Directory Users and Computers.

    Once you have that completed, you can log into your PCs with the local Administrator account, which should have rights to join the domain. Join the domain using an account with authorization on the Domain (the admin account will work). It should join, otherwise use the IP address and it may join. At that point your computer should be connected to the domain "" - It's FQDN will be .

    That's a quick rundown of what you need to.. there are a lot of gaps there, but if you have any idea of what you're doing, you should be able to figure most of it out.

    Any questions, feel free to post back.
  2. If you really want to control what the computer can access on the internet, youll need ISA server. That program will cost you an arm, that is if you purchase it... And it is somewhat complicated to configure it properly...But it is lots of fun =Þ.

    As for seting up a domain, riser gave some good highlights, com back for question and google, (and in that case) microsoft are good friends!

    I have a site with good info/classes but unfortunatly its in french and I know not that many ontarians speak french :wink:

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