How do i know if my wireless router is N or G

I'm trying to connect to my xbox 360 and it recognizes the router but everytime i test the connection it says it cant connect to my router. I read more about it and it said the 360 is only compatible with type G wireless. So how do i know if mine is N or G? And if possible, How can i get my xbox 360 to connect with it?
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  1. N routers can be used with an xbox 360 because they recognize g devices!My son's xbox 360 is running with my DLINK n router!
  2. IS your network password protected?
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    IS your network password protected?

  4. Did you enter the password when setting up the xbox!
  5. you look at your router and it will say either wireless router g or wireless rourter n
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