I need some help on getting a new graphics card.

So I am using an HPE-210y computer (google it). I am looking to get a new graphics card and I already have a new power supply so I dont need that anymore, I am looking to game on high settings with all these new games coming out.

A tech friend of mine told me that my current motherboard would only allow this radeon hd 6950 to use half its power and would run poorly. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161372

He then linked me to a Radeon HD 5970 and on newegg they have a 6970 for the same price. When I asked him which would be better he said to go with the 6970. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150517

So my question is why would a 6950 not work yet a 6970 would on my computer?
When looking at them im guessing it has something maybe to do with the overclocking?
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  1. your "tech friend " doesn't know what he's talking about .

    here are your computer specs


    any card can run on this depending on your new psu . before anyone can help you i need to know what power supply you have and how much youre going to spend on a knew gpu .
  2. Any card up to about the 560 TI/6950 level, I'd say. Past that you'll probably hit CPU bottlenecks in most games.
    What's your new PSU, and how much are you willing to spend?
  3. 5970 Single-card dual-core
    6970 Single-card single-core
    and the 7970 is coming soon.
    so maybe you can wait for 7970~~
  4. lkkgg72200812 said:
    5970 Single-card dual-core
    6970 Single-card single-core
    and the 7970 is coming soon.
    so maybe you can wait for 7970~~

    That card is $500 :pfff:

    OP: What's the new PSU?

    The best GPU for you is 6870 I think, after that the CPU will bottleneck. Which game are you playing
  5. This is what I had in mind and he said it would work for my computer


    Im playing Battlefield 3 and skyrim at the moment. Cant run them real well but they at least play.
  6. do you already have that power supply

    what's your budget
  7. Yeah I ordered it. Im lookin not to go above like $350
  8. Nice, but if you get $350 GPU the CPU will get bottleneck...
  9. So should I go with the 6950 or the 6970?
  10. 6950, I think.
  11. kajabla said:
    6950, I think.

    The one I had linked earlier or should I try and find a different 6950?
  12. Yes that on in my opinion it's good.
  13. You tech friend is giving you *** to make himself look smart. follow 9_Breaker"s advice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  14. thanks ^.i think you should wait for the 7850/7870 benchmarks . there's 15 days till they get released but websites might get them early .
  15. Well I ended up grabbing this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161372

    However the overclocking is just making everything overheat way too fast. So im wondering if there is a way I can turn off the OC or lower the voltage to a default setting for the card?

    Because no matter what I run its hittin around 73 to 77C

    I realize im an idiot for not reading the fine print in that it came pre OC'd. I have also been told to get liquid cooling or an additional fan but I wouldnt know where to begin with that kind of crap.
  16. I shouldn't run hot, especially if it's preOC'ed. Could you download MSI afterburner and Furmark, run Furmark GPU burn in and report the temps? If the temps get to 90C, close the application. 95C is dangerous temperature.
  17. 73-77C is actually OK. It's certainly not ideal, but it won't damage anything.
    You can adjust your clocks, though you don't need to, with MSI Afterburner, a GPU-settings app. http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm
  18. I have msi afterburner but I'm not sure how to use it. I found the temps out from speedfan and furmark. Both say it ranges around 73 to 77C.
  19. Can you post a screenshot of your Afterburner, assuming you want to push the temps down at the expense of performance?
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