Is this a good gaming system?

I want to build a high end gaming pc with these parts: please tell me what you think :D

Intel 3930k overclocked
Asus rampage IV extreme
16gb g skill 2133 quad channel memory
H100 water cpu cooler
Corsair 800d case
1tb wd 1tb 6gb/s
120gb hyperx ssd
Evga gtx 580 1.5gb
Dvd writer and blue ray writer
1200watt or 1050watt corsair psu

Any thoughts I would love to hear,
Thanks for the help :D
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  1. Go with i5-2500K. Scale back memory, cooler, power supply. Get a z68 mobo and get an HD7970 or a couple of GTX 580s.
  2. I'd recommend going the 1155 route and get the i7-2600K/2700K CPU and motherboard - you definitely don't need 12 threads for gaming - and you'll save hundreds... (then 8GB of RAM will also be more then enough)

    unless you're running SLI with the 580's, then you can get the HX650 PSU from Corsair, if yes to SLI, you can go with the HX1050
  3. Wow, that will be one beast of a system.

    Everything you have is pretty solid - but the case you have won't work with the XL-ATX form factor, which is required for the Rampage IV. Something like the Rosewill Thor or the Cooler Master Cosmos II would be more appropriate for that board.
    - Rosewill Thor:
    - Cooler Master Cosmos II:

    I'd drop the water cooler. Check out this article for suggestions on cooling solutions:,3130.html

    The 580 is a good card, but the 7970 is the latest and greatest and runs circles around it:

    For RAM - G.Skill is fine but I'm not sure about 2133 speed - check the QVL (qualified vendor list) from your motherboard manufacturer before purchasing.

    Your storage solution is really good. The 1K PSU is major overkill for any build, I'd suggest dropping that to an 850 and getting something that's really energy efficient:
  4. and also get the more reliable Intel SSD - the 120GB 520 Cherryville series
  5. wasupmike said:
    and also get the more reliable Intel SSD - the 120GB 520 Cherryville series

    I'm not gonna say the Intel is a more reliable choice for SSD - they're good drives but I don't know if I'd get that over the Kingston or not.

    The Crucial M4 and Samsung 830 are still the best, with Mushkin, Plextor, and Intel also at the top.
  6. At that high budget and with those specs you should get a more expensive graphic(s) card.,3107-6.html
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