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I am building a pc with a 3930k and 16 ggb or RAM, no overclocking just lots of CPU intensive work. What kind of cooling should I get, should I get cooling for the RAM as well?
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  1. Hello bulldogninja;

    What do you want to spend for CPU cooling?

    As long as you have decent airflow through the case you shouldn't need auxiliary cooling for the RAM.
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  3. probably under $50, the one xtreme5 posted seems good, do you agree. Also will this ram ( ) work with my 3930k? It doesn't specifically say its for x79 but I wasn't sure if maybe it would still work. Thanks!
  4. yes, it should work fine, BTW which motherboard you have?
  5. i'm going to purchase this, is that good? it has good ratings on the egg, even better than the mil-spec boards
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