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Hey guys, recently (about 2 months ago) I finally got my new rig. It's an Intel Core i5-2500, and a GTX 460 1 GB. Until about a week ago, my system was fine. I have never been so happy before. I could max out basically every single game I tried. But my hapiness didn't last long enough. About 4 days ago, I installed some odd programs and applications here, and I started feeling a slight performance drop while playing Modern Warfare 3. However, I ignored it and continued playing. Ok, so I stayed until today without playing the heavier games, stuck on SA-MP. This morning, I finally decided to run Saints Row The Third, to kill some time. But when I ran the game, I got a terrible surprise: there was an unbearable lag. About 20 FPS. I ran to the Nvidia website and updated the video card drivers. Even though I AM NOT SURE IF THE GTX 460 IS THE PROBLEM. Ok, after updating the driver, I felt a slight improvement, but it wasn't so good as it was before, when my FPS was locked at 50. Ok, so I ignored it, and ran back to SA-MP. Then I decided to play Crysis 2 and finish the Campaign. I like shooting aliens in my free time. But after loading, I also felt a terrible lag on Crysis 2. My FPS was usually locked at 55-60, and suddenly, I wasn't getting not even 30 FPS, what the hell ? And now I am worried about my system, and I'm affraid it won't come back. Like I said before I AM NOT SURE IF IT IS THE VIDEO CARD. I also tried restoring my system, installing .NET Framework 4.0, installing DirectX 11, but nothing seems to work here ! HELP !
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  1. How are the temperatures?
    Full specs, please, and the power supply in particular.
    What are your Crysis 2 settings?
  2. Quote:
    How are the temperatures?
    Full specs, please, and the power supply in particular.
    What are your Crysis 2 settings?

    Full specs:

    - Intel Core i5-2500 ~ 3.3 GHz
    - GeForce GTX 460 1 gb GDDR5
    - 4 gb DDR3 ~ 1.333 MHz
    - Corsair TX500 ~ 500 watts
    - 500 gb HDD

    The temperatures are:

    CPU: 28º C
    Cores: around the 80º C

    Don't know what are the normal temperatures for a i5, so here it is.

    And I run Crysis 2 in the Hardcore Settings, and on my native resolution, 1366x768. I used to get more than 50 FPS, now I barely get 30.
  3. There's no such thing as a TX500. If it's a GS500 or some other legitimate Corsair, you're fine. If it actually says TX500, you may have a knockoff or something.
    Anyway, get AVG Free and run a scan.
    Wait, 80C! +1 Recon. That's very odd; get a Hyper 212 EVO or something.
    Hope you've got an exhaust in the top, Recon.
    Incidentally, whatever convinced you to get a 2500 non-K? So much free performance comes with that K!
  4. So is it the processor and not the video card ?
  5. But wait, is it the overheating CPU causing me to slow down ? If I apply some thermal paste will it be ok for a while until I can get a new cooler ?
  6. EnemySpotted said:
    So is it the processor and not the video card ?

    It's not certain, but 80C could definitely cause throttling. That's what I'm leaning towards. Get a sink.
    Wait wait wait. You don't have any thermal paste on it at all right now? Do you have a heatsink on it? Can you post a picture of your current setup?
    You definitely need thermal paste if you don't have any. That's an absolute requirement of any computer. That might fix the situation entirely.
  7. Quote:
    Do as i stated above and then retest to see what your temps look like.

    I will, but I just want to know if is the overheating CPU causing me to get these performance drops, and not a video card issue.
  8. As I said, we can't know for certain. That is what I think, though.
  9. Does the weather influences on the CPU temperature ?
  10. The ambient temperature can have an effect, yes, but not more than a few degrees. Certainly nothing like 80.
  11. Then it is definetly the processor. I will get some thermal paste here ASAP. Thanks for the answers, I will come back tomorrow to check more
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