Apparent Elan/Synaptics touchpad driver conflict


I decided to remove all the software and partitions that came on my Lenovo V570 laptop, and start from scratch. So I zapped all of the partitions, loaded Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, and began installing all of the appropriate drivers from the Lenovo site. (some of the drivers were universal for 64/32, some were specifically designed for 64 or 32, and I got all the ones for 32bit to match the OS.)

Everything is working (there are no yellow warnings in Device Manager), except for one small glitch: There is a Control Panel item/icon for Elan, called "Multi-Finger" that is totally blank when I click on it. Also, in the tabbed Mouse Properties box, there is one tab, with the Elan name and icon, that is disabled, and one tab with the Synaptics icon called Device Settings, that works fine and all options are accessible. The driver number listed in the disabled Elan tab corresponds to the correct number of the driver on the Lenovo site. In the add/delete programs section, there are two entries -- one for Synaptics, and one for Elan.

From a strictly practical point of view, I could just keep everything the way it is now, since the Touchpad works, along with all of the necessary settings options. But if possible, I'd like to be able to activate the now-greyed out Elan tab in Mouse Properties, remove the Synaptics/Device Settings tab from Mouse Properties, and activate the Multi-Finger function in Control Panel. I'm just not sure how to go about doing that. Should I delete both items in the add/delete section, uninstall the current Synaptic touch pad driver, then just reinstall the proper Elan 32 bit driver that I got from the Lenovo site? And if so, which is the best order? Add/delete first, then uninstall the driver from Device Manager? Or the other way around? Any help would be appreciated.

NOTE: According to Device Manager/mice and other pointing devices, only the Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad is listed.
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  1. Okay...I'll add my own reply. I uninstalled the Synaptics driver using the uninstall in Add/Remove programs. It removed itself and the Elan driver after a reboot. Device Manager confirmed that the only listing under Mice And Other Pointing Devices was a generic PS-2 Mouse. I checked in Add/Remove and there was a greyed out entry for the Elan driver. I clicked on that, got the message that the actual driver had been deleted, and accepted the offer to remove the now obsolete entry. I then checked in the "Mouse Properties" box, and the Elan tab was gone. I then installed the Lenovo Elan driver, rebooted, and now everything is back to normal. There is no longer a blank Multi-Finger Control Panel entry, there is only one tab on Mouse Properties (Device Settings, and the logo/icon is Synaptics, not Elan), and there is only one entry in Add/Remove -- Synaptics Pointing Device Driver. So now it's all good. :D
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