How to test for a fualty motherboard

Hi all .
my pc has recently broken. Everytime i connect a new power supply to my pc everything will whizz around and sound working. Although there will be no image on the monitor. After iv failed to get my pc to work with a new power supply , i tesed my power supply to ckeck if that was the culprate. turns out the (-5v) is not lit on my pc tester, but alll the other lights are. Im suprised to think that just turning on my computer could blow the pc.
Please help me , im lost
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  1. Could be a short circuit on the board. Try this
  2. -5V and -12V are not used in modern PCs. What are your system specs? Do you get video or is it fans spin and no video? Take a look through this boot-no-video thread:
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