Need a low profile video card

something that can handle blu rays
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  1. gt 520 should work they go for about $50.00
  2. thesnappyfingers said:
    gt 520 should work they go for about $50.00

    this one or the pny one
  3. 430 440 IS GOOD FOR YOU
  4. Blue ray is a simple task I think, This will suffice:
  5. gigabyte GT 430 OC 1GL LP,it's have dual fans on it.
  6. i bought a gt 520 at compusa tonight but it doesnt fit eventhough the guy said its low profile

    pci slot is regular size on the card, he told me that there is no such thing as a smaller pci slot when i went back and told me that my case isnt pci but some other technology

    is this true?
  7. anyone?
  8. thought what you wanted was a low profile pci-e video card ? pci and pci-e are 2 different things. go back and get the right card.

    these morons in stores are just that, morons...... that need jobs but don't know anything about the job........... i have a nephew like that.
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