Building a computer vs Buying a premade

Hows it going everyone!

I've been looking for a computer for at least 3 months now scouring around for the cheapest deal. I found that this forum really helped me out alot when it comes to information given from members. What really sets this place apart is that members are going out of their way to help the OP.

My question seems easy to answer but please consider these facts:

1. I'm on a very limited budget, I want to be able to play Diabloe 3 at a decent frame rate and settings (im not expecting high or anything like that, just not choppy)
2. Speaking of budget, my budget is MAX $1,000.00. I know some of you will laugh, but that is all i can spend
3. My knowledge with computer hardwares are very basic, yes i know what a GPU is, but I do not know if certain processors work with which mobos...those I just cant seem to wrap my head around.
4. I am willing to install everything myself (no need for software) the main problem is getting the parts that work together in the first place.

With that in mind, will anyone be able to help me out?? Please!

My name is Tony by the way, glad that you took the time to read my lengthy question
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  1. What you're asking for is very doable. I don't tend to make builds for people (it's a time consuming process, and I tend to post from work, hehe), but I'm sure you'll have some guys in here posting $1k builds for you in no time.
  2. Why not start here
    Use the CPU and GPU performance charts to make sure you get components that are higher than the recommended spec. then choose a motherboard that will support the CPU, the rest will follow...I'm sure you'll do it for less than $1k
    Comparisons start here
    And you'll have the satisfaction of designing your own rig. Make sure you allow for a good PSU...
  3. this is a double post, could a mod combine this thread with:
    and possibly move both to the new builds section
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