How to use 3 different size monitors from a 6950 flex?

I have, as mentioned in the title, a 2gb 6950 flex edition and I want to use two 20" 1440x900 monitors as secondary displays to my 24" 1920x1080 monitor. However, with all three monitors plugged in I have to create an eyefinity group which scales my 24" down to a 20" at 1440x900. Is there any way to set them as three separate monitors instead of it automatically making them into a single display? Thanks
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  1. you dont have to create an eyefinity group.

    you can just use them as 3 seperate monitors. i do the same thing.

    2x 22" 1680*1050 and a 27" 1920*1200

    i have 2 presets. one as extended desktop. and another as an eyefinity group.

    you CANNOT game across all 3 monitors WITHOUT an eyefinity group.
  2. IIRC they should all be detected as individual monitors until you tell the CCC to make them work in eyefinity as one.

    IIRC, there should be an option under the "AMD Eyefinity Multi display" tab that says disable eyefnity. and that should split the monitors up again.
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