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Hi, I'm looking to buy in the next week or two for up to $255 on Amazon. I need 6-8GB RAM, a cheap case, a mobo, and a new CPU to replace my stuff.
I was looking at these:
however, the CPU just went out of stock, so I'll need to get something else. I will be re-using my drives/PSU from my existing desktop. The mobo doesn't need to have a GPU because I have a GT440 card. To give an idea of the kind of performance I need, here's a list of some stuff I typically do.

-make Flash animations
-make 3d models in Inventor (renders kill my Pentium D 820)
-do both of the above while livestreaming (doesn't work out too well right now)
-Play videogames (minecraft, sonic generations, skyrim, oblivion, burnout paradise, portal, and some older games)
-edit video
-surf the web
-typical office tasks

please don't recommend to buy a new graphics card. I'm not as concerned with gaming performance (I have consoles), but right now this thing kills my productivity.

current specs:
Intel Pentium D 820
Asus/HP P5LP-LE Limestone
250GB 7200rpm HDD
2x DVD-RW drives
MSi GeForce GT440
Conexant Falcon II NTSC Tuner
RaLink Turbo WiFi

also, don't worry about any software stuff. I have everything ready to go for the x64 switch.
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    CAD and video-editing will really be improved by a maximum amount of (physical or virtual) CPU cores (and a workstation GPU in the case of CAD, but you already know that).

    I would suggest an Intel Z68+i7 build, but because you're on such a low budget, AMD might have to do the trick.

    You seem to have pretty much chosen your parts.
    They aren't what I would suggest, but on such a tight budget I can't really make a viable suggestion (the AMD or Intel motherboards I would suggest all start at about 130$...)
  2. I had selected my parts, but the CPU I was looking at just went out of stock, so I need to find a different plan. I can't wait for restocking because I need everything to arrive before the 1st week of April.
  3. okay, with the budget additions I just made, I have $129 for a CPU. should I go with

    I'm leaning more towards the X6 because I won't be overclocking on my wimpy PSU, but I'm a bit hesitant about the 2.6GHz. Do you think that will be sufficient?
  4. The X6 is a better processor for CAD and video editing than the Phenom II 955.

    What kind of PSU do you have?
  5. 300W. The power rating on the X6 is supposed to be 95W. my current pentium D is either 95W or 135W, so unless, the mobo sucks power like there's no tomorrow, I think I'll be fine.
  6. I just ordered the parts today; the mobo already shipped and the others should be shoving off soon.
  7. All the parts came in on Wednesday and I made an hour of time to build it. I'm loving the performance. I wasn't really expecting it to improve gaming, but apparently my Pentium D was a huge bottleneck because all of my games run at a solid 75fps. They actually sent me a Gigabyte 870A-USB3 instead of that cheap-o MSi board I ordered; quite a step up. However, this board does not have IDE, so I ordered a new DVD burner and an additional 4GB of RAM, which should come in this week.

    I have run in to some problems, which I have posted here: . If anybody can take a look at that here, it would be nice. I need all of the help I can get.
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