Video card won't show up in device manager

I bought an Nvidia GeForce GT 520 a few days ago so I would be able to play the old republic, however, it doesn't show up at all in my device manager. I've tried setting it to the slot it in in BIOS, I've disabled the onboard video but it keeps turning itself on, ive installed the latest drivers, all done in the order i was supposed to, but it still doesn't see it. Also i get no video at all when my monitor is plugged itno my card but the fan on my card is running, any ideas?

Windows XP 32 bit
AMD(athalon) 2.6 GHZ dual core
A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) motherboard

please help if you can, this is incredibly frustrating.
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  1. Have you tried pulling the card out and reseating it? If so, then the card may be defective.

    BTW. Your BIOS is probably one of those that automatically reverts to integrated if it cannot find an external card as in your case. This is a good thing to have.

    Also, you will need to set the game on the lowest possible settings, if it does not do that automatically. The 520 is really meant for HTPC applications as opposed to gaming.
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