I7 920 UPGRADE to Intel Core i7-3930K

I'm currently running i7 920 OC to 3.8MHz and I was wondering if I should upgrade to the new Intel Core i7-3930K now or wait till later down the road.

If so what Motherboard & Ram would you suggest?

My current system

Intel i7 920 OC to 3.8MHz
Ram 12GB 1366 OC to 1527
2 Drives SSD Crucial M4 256GB
ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II
ASUS Blu-ray BW-12B1LT

Thanks for any advice. :sarcastic:
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  1. I would wait your rig is still high end.
  2. Yeah an i7 920 at 3.8GHz is still quite potent. It can definitely still keep up with your GTX 670 without any trouble. Unless you have some specific CPU heavy application that you really want to run faster, and that application can effectively use 8+ threads, there isn't much sense in dropping lots of money to upgrade to Sandy Bridge E now.

    I'd say wait and see what comes out next year, and then maybe upgrade then if it is significantly faster than what you have now.
  3. Correct. Unless you are having issues with your current build or just have money to blow. A 920 at 3.8 is just fine
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    Don't fix what isn't broken!

    I'm guessing your performance is still flawless (as it should be with that setup).

    Nehalem @ 3.8ghz is still awesome performance.

    I'm still using a 4ghz Q9550 + 6950 w/ unlocked shaders and loving it. Even I'm waiting. Graphical innovation has halted since Crysis(1) and I don't see it growing too much even with the next generation of consoles. Thank console gamers and developers. Also, it sadly looks like next gen consoles will be using 6670/7670 GPUs so (most) developers won't be pushing the graphics envelope like they should and use to be.

    If you were looking at adding another couple 670s to your GPU setup now/soon then I'd say go for it, but for now definitely wait for haswell/skylake.
  5. It can support multiple 670's without any problem!
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