Building a computer for the first time

Hey, first off, sorry if this isn't the right place to post, I'm new to this site. But on to business, I looked up a guide on how to build a computer and it gave me a list of stuff to buy, and I wanted to be sure this is all I need. Note that this is just for the tower, no cords or monitors, mouses, etc. just the parts you put in the case.




Graphics Card

Power Supply

CD/DVD drive

Hard Drive

Operating System
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  1. Ram = ridiculous choice!
    Psu = $60 will buy a 500W+ that includes 2xpcie
    HDD = 5900 RPM Green drives are a poor choice for primary drive = storage only
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind recommending some good RAM cards, PSUs, and HDDs?
  3. Thanks.
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