Problem of OpenCL on 6870

I found that the main problem of my EAH6870s
Both of them are not running OpenCL on graphic card!
I saw that
the 6870 ATI stream should run opencl but mine are not
Is there any ways to install or adjust the setting?

Geeks3D GPU CAPS Viewer shows that the CL platform&device has only my CPU!no GPU is running cl!
PLZ help me again :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. Did you install the opencl drivers?
  2. I did it , but it doesn't show in GPU-Z
    Same as Geeks3D GPU Caps viewer
    I in stall the Catalyst Software Suite 11.12 already
    it include the opencl driver. :cry:
    I thought that is a adjustment of ATI stream / CPU
  3. Go here and install this and see if it fixes it. I think this is what I installed on mine
  4. yea,I've done installing this file,but it still can't be detect as "openCL = support"
    Did anyone's card had this problem can help me ??? :cry:
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