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Hey my current specs are an AMD 620 (2.6GHz Quad), 8gb of ram and an ATI 5830. I'm looking to spend about $100-200 upgrading either the GPU or the CPU specifically for battlefield 3 and was wondering which would be better to upgrade. For the CPU i was thinking something like the AMD bulldozer fx-4100 as i do have an AM3+ motherboard, I would go for the six core but I've heard from a few places that they aren't ideal for gaming. As for if I went with a video card I was thinking something like an ATI 6850, would love to hear some feedback. Also sorry I'm aware this is a CPU/GPU question but I wasn't sure where to ask it.
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  1. No, FX-4100 is not better than X4 955 BE, If you want an upgrade it's better to get X4 955 BE. And yeah 6850 is an awesome GPU.

    But, I don't see you should buy these. You may try Overclocking the system and then consider buying these...
  2. OC your Quad to 3ghz + and BF3 should run smooth processor wise. Your 5830 when overclocked should be able to run it at high too, so I dont see your problem
  3. Currently running at 1280x1024 with everything set to low in multiplayer I get roughly around 35-90fps (64 man servers). It's just when things get heated and combat gets a bit choppy (35 fps) that I want to fix. I realize this isn't the CPU forum but I already have the thread here so would I be able to stably overclock to say 3.0-3.2GHz with just some $20 heatsink? I wouldn't mind spending a bit to upgrade something though if seems wasteful then I understand.
  4. Nothing wrong with getting a 6850 or 6870 to bump up your graphics , it will go well with an overclock of your cpu.
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