AM3 Phenom II runs hot... what upgrade would provide a cooler solution

I currently run a Phenom II x4 965 OC'd to 3.7 with a CM Hyper N 520 cooler and MX-2 paste. I have an am3+ board.

Currently it runs at about 38-41 C using light applications and browsing the web/idle.
Under load It will zoom up to about 45 C or so.

Ambient temperature is 26.5 C.

I want to find a CPU solution that will get me the same performance but run a little cooler. I am open to switching over to intel. Do the AM3+ chips run cooler than the Phenom II's?

I was also planning on switching over to water cooling with the Corsair H100 in the near future.

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  1. For an ambient of 26.5C, I'd say you're doing quite well. 45C certainly isn't bad. 62C is the recommended max, so you're nowhere near that.
  2. Yea your temps are fine. I have my Phenom II 980 running at 4GHZ on stock voltage and temps are still in the safe zone
  3. My main concern is that my room turns into a sauna. I have two 120 mm exhaust fans pushing out at ~50-60 CFM. I was hoping that I could run less exhaust so my room does not get so hot. If I do that my temps are certain to go up.
  4. You're fine. I understand the room temp situation, but as long as the CPU stays as cool as it is, there's no harm in it, other than your own personal comfort, lol.

    A H100 would probably help some, but you're still exhausting hot air into the room, either way.

    And Intel CPU's can handle more heat, but I don't really consider that a reason for a complete platform change.
  5. I really don't see the problem here with your temps. For both idle and and underload your temps are NOWHERE NEAR dangerous.
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