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Hello, could really do with some advice. I currently have a phenom 1090T but giving it to my brother and therefore need a new processor. Bought a z68 asrock extreme3gen 3 motherboard and so need to choose between these processor:




I know this has been asked before bought my situation is that apart from my graphics card do not really want to sway any pc components apart from my gpu for 7 years and therefore which would be the best. Price isn't too much of a deal but I am not rich but basically would like to know which processor would be the best for the next 7 years. Will be overclocking to about 4.5GHZ and mostly playing video games so would like to know the real life (not benchmark) performance differences. Thanks

NZXT Hades case
AMD 1090T with thermaltake frio cooler
560 GTX (Non ti) SLI
OCZ vertex 4
asrock extreme3gen3 motherboard (sata 3 usb 3 pcie3)
seagate barracuda 7200rpm 1 tb
corsair 850w psu
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  1. Nothing will last 7 years and be competitive with the new technology even 3 years from now. Best thing to do is buy the best bang for your buck the i5-2500k or 3570k and upgrade when ya need to.
  2. I5 2500K for gaming
    I7 2600K for gaming/video coding and other such...

    Don't get ivy unless you can get the necessary tools to update your BIOS
  3. You can't get any ivybridge cpu. Regardless, 4.5ghz on IB cpu's is VERY hot. So grab an i5-2500k or i7-2600k.
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