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Witch do you prepare??sapphire 6670 or sapphire 6770

can you help me what should i buy on this two??does 6670 enough to handle high settings on games like cod4,etc or its not enough so i will choose the 6770???....i got psu bundle in my casing atx 600w.processor of amd phenom 2 x2 560 80w ...
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  1. Of course 6770 would be better...
    Just make sure that it works in your system.
  2. ahm yeah ...are there issues like compatibility to the motherboard??may motherboard is asus m5A78lm t-le ...
  3. I would wait for HD 7770 series supposed to be out before Feb ends.
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    ^Agree, but if you can't wait then you probably will get 6770...

    No, I don't think there is issues my friend, it's I think fully compatible.
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  6. last q.will i get faster fps with 6770 with 6670???or the same?by the way thank you
  7. 6770 is faster. Comparison can also be found in tomshardware my friend...
  8. ok ill check..tnx again
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