Using 2133 Mhz with a CPU that only supporst 1333 and 1600

I didn't realize that the CPU I ordered (Intel Core i7-3770S) only supported 1333/1600MHz memory. I am currently using 2133, but it's only running at 1600. I have also had a few blue screens, and before a BIOs update my computer had to cycle 5 times before it could boot. Now I can do things relatively fine. Again I had a few blue screens but that might have been because of not enough memory. Also I heard from an Intel customer support agent that my processor only supports memory using 1.5 volts. I was thinking of maybe just springing for new memory running at 1600 MHz and 1.5 volts. Will my problems continue if I don't? What do you guys think?
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  1. Have you selected the XMP profile? As well, change the voltage to 1.5v.
  2. I do not know what the XMP profile is, and how would I go about changing the voltage? I didn't even know you could regulate that without damaging the memory.
  3. The best, go in your bios and reset all features .Check with your manual (motherboard) for procedure.
  4. Alright so I've overclocked it to run at the memory standard, we'll see how this ends up! The two blue screen errors I got were damaged memory and something about getting a page with no page there. I was playing high end games when both happened, do you guys think that's anything to be concerned about?
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