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Help Fans for case/ h100

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February 22, 2012 1:54:21 AM

Hi there again i am looking at fans for my cooling setup in my thor v2 case which can support an h100 if ur wondering,

well i have this option on the side panel to put 4 fans and im kind tempted to do it so the fans im thinking of getting are the

cooler master Sickle flow 120mm red led which its price is all screwed up atm its supposed to be 9 dollars not 23 and if i shop around online i found it for 7.60
the only bad thing about this is it is a sleeve bearing therefore i can not use it with my h100 since i will be mounting it vertically
db=19 which is unreal for the price
static pressure is 3mm/h20
i will get 4 of these for my side panel, the 1 in the back is a 140mm and some review said it had 70cfm with 20db noise so i think i may keep that one

Im also keeping the front 200mm fan just becuse it is red and i am most likely going with a red/black theme in my case

Anyways onto the good part the corsair h100 the reason im getting it is

1. best performance out there when using 4 fans

2. it just looks godly

3. its a major space saver which is good for airflow in the case

4. if my budget runs dry i will get the noctua nh-d14

anyways onto those fans i found these fans

Masscool Bld-12025v1r 120mm fans $ 8.50 each
They are ball bearing
60 cfm
23.5 db "why cant the sickleflows be ball bearing WHY???"
the static pressure on these are only 2.00mm/h20
but that kinda doesnt matter to to much in an h100 for they have lower fpi, thin, and 4 fans basically doubles the pressure of the fans thats if my logic is correct

may get 5 of these and put one on the bottom of the case in that slot or may just use the old h100s fans , and all of these fans will be on fan controllers so i can change the noise if need be

And last resort for the h100 i will get cougar fans but that would cost me a painful 13 bucks per on them on an already dang expensive cooler

anyway i would like the best cfm, lowest db, longest lasting fans that are preferably under 10 dollars each i honest dont care about led if they clash with my case ill just take the leds out.

and since ill be getting all those fans ill get board one day and make a few mods to my rig having the extra 200mm and or the 120 mm corsair fans blowing on probally my gpu superchargeing those fans to make it run cooler anyways im going to stop now before i kill you all with this giant wall of text what can i say i like typeing and get carried away alot see look i did it again my closing sentance is like 30 words long. bye :hello: 

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February 22, 2012 3:48:11 AM

Need cheap fans? Get those rosewill fans on newegg, 4 for 10 bucks. I got them and am getting more for a 6 fan setup.
February 22, 2012 3:48:56 AM

Oh and those are 120mm fans, the rosewill ones
February 22, 2012 6:04:22 PM

well the thing is there are silent but there performance is lack luster altogther for that price they are good i mean my budget cap for around 8 fans is i dont want to spend more than 50 but i can live with 60 dollars spent as long as they last at least 4 years ill be fine with it