I watched some videos on how to connect a PSU. Now I'm wondering what wires go into the HDD and the DVD burner?...Is it the case wires? lol. Also any tips on the front panel connectors...they're a bit confusing to me.
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  1. use your motherboard manual to connect front panel,your hdd and dvd are sata or ide
  2. The wires from the case go to the motherboard. There should be pins listed in your motherboard manual as PWR_BRN and probably RST or RESET or something like that. They usually go in those. If you have USB ports on the front there will probably be a cable that powers those too.

    The PSU connects twice to the motherboard and once to each drive of any kind. It depends on what kind of hard drive and dvd drive you have which cables you need to power them. If they are old you would need what is called a MOLEX connector. If they are new you need what is called a SATA connector.

    That is date made, not date purchased. If you buy 10 year old stuff, you will need MOLEX connectors.

    In addition to the power being plugged into each drive, you will need a cable between each of them and the motherboard. If they are newer ones they will go in SATA ports. If they are old they would probably need big fat things called ribbon cables.

    Some new motherboards don't have ports for ribbon cables anymore and some PSUs might go short on MOLEX connectors, because these things are generally being phased out over time.
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